May 11, 2011

Getting Published (for real, this time)

Remember when I did that post a while back and accidentally falsely made you think I had gotten an offer for one of my books?

Well, apparently my list was right on the money.

Because I just got an offer for one of my books.

Cedar Fort/Bonneville Books has offered me a contract for my pioneer novel.

Which I have accepted.

(eeeeee!!! I'm getting published. Is this real life?)

I'm having a hard time internalizing this, honestly. A very hard time. I have moments of calm and then a sudden surge of adrenaline twists my innards and makes the blond hairs stand up on my arms.

I'm getting published! After five years of writing-revising-workshopping-submitting-rewriting-critiquegroupgoing-resubmitting, I can finally call myself an novelist.

Sarah Dunster--novelist.

Thanks for listening to me be crazy. I'll keep y'all informed about things as they develop.