Feb 10, 2015

Greenhouse update: foundations and family

We finally (finally) after worries and weather and seasons passing wherein we could not continue until the ground un-thawed...

we finally finished the foundation for our greenhouse.

We stacked the cinder blocks during winter last year and buried them. This spring, we un-dug them, stacked them, swept and cleaned all the dirt from the footers

and then

slowly, painstakingly stacked them and cemented them and coated them (with the help of our wonderful aunt Arlene, with Squirt as her sidekick.)

That's a picture of Jeff laying in the last block.

This is how things look now.

We have also bought insulation for the roof and walls.

The next step is to buy siding, and then get to work on that. But in the meantime, Jeffrey bought lots of braces and screws, and we're reinforcing the roofline. Just to make sure it'll bear the weight of snow. We were told in our inspection that this needed to be done... better do it before we have awesome stuff to protect.

It's getting there, guys. I'm excited. This spring we will likely be able to start some plants inside. By the time summer ends i hope it will be insulated enough that we can keep them growing through the winter. Hooray!