Aug 27, 2007

First day of what?

Kindergarten. That's right. I'm masochistic. We're homeschooling AND sending her to kindergarten, because I just want to have the hard work of both worlds.

No, actually, it's because I'm a big softy and don't want her to feel like she's missed out. Actually, my evil plan is to infiltrate the school system and then demand that she be allowed enrollment in whatever classes I choose without having to be enrolled fully! It would be a fun and challenging endeavor if it weren't actually already legally my right as a parent... so that's good.

So, kindergarten. Loli loves it.

But my car broke down when I was to go pick her up so I had to hastily assemble the bike trailer and hitch it up to the bike, and then ride four miles one way in the sun four and a half months pregnant, show up ten minutes late all sweaty and red and apologetic, and then cart 50 lbs of kid all the way back.

I'm going to go take a bath.

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