Aug 31, 2008

Mormon Beard Theology

A very deep topic, being discussed over on consciousignorance.


Putz said...

i have mormon beard wife would kill me if i grew one...isn't that mormon beard sensitivity???????????

Jeff said...

My wife likes my beard (sometimes goatee). She prefers to kiss a soft beard than to kiss the pin cushion that my face becomes at about 3pm without the beard.

On a side note, I was fickle enough not to attend BYU because of their beard and sandal policy. If I was going to spend 4 years in college, I was going to do it looking like myself. :)

NoSurfGirl said...


good for you. It puts a bad taste in my mouth when people sign the honor code and then get all ticked off when they have to obey it. yes, it's strict. yes, I found all the discussion of whether capris at BYU idaho were "evil" and "disobeying the honor code." But yknow, I decided I wasn't going to get into those kind of bitter silly arguments when I decided to go to Ricks. And you knew what you wanted, and made your choice accordingly. I wish more people were like you. :)

NoSurfGirl said...

meant to say, found all those discussions hilarious, and the thought that capris might be a temptation unto returned missionaries, off-putting. Sorry, deleted a whole section of my comment there.

merrilykaroly said...

Sorry, I already commented on the other site, but I just wanted to wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying about the Honor Code, nosurfgirl. I think I would have a hard time with the BYUI rules, but I didn't go there, so that's ok. I signed the Honor Code at BYU and so I had to follow the rules here. period.

I had a friend, a fellow BYU student, who was always griping about BYU. I wanted to say, "If you don't like it, go somewhere else!" Eventually he did transfer to another school that was more what he was looking for. That's the way it should be.