Feb 18, 2009

a nice answer to my last, venty post...

This was posted in response to one of the threads on one of my favorite blogs. It was a thread about breastfeeding, and where in church it is and is not appropriate:

My mom is Spencer W. Kimball’s Niece and she always told me this story about when he came to her ward when she was a young breastfeeding mother.

The story she told goes something like this….She was in a meeting room or classroom discussing something with a big group and I guess she wanted to get up to breast feed her baby in the mothers lounge (which she hated) and the president said to her “You don’t need to go to the mothers lounge for any of our sakes. Motherly duties are beautiful. Stay here and care for your child.”…. my mom always talks about this.

I love Spencer W. Kimball. I was 2 when he died but he will always be one of my favorite prophets... if we're allowed to have favorites?


Putz said...

i hate to even say this and delete it if you think yu should, and it is a different point of view, but when i was a 14 year old boy , me and others encouraged by bob nash when we had CAP meetings at the tooele airport would go on top of a hanger and watch a mother breast feed her baby down below....so hate me...was that peer pressure?????or was it my lust????also when you get those two little african girls i want to finnally meet you and your kids and husband and bless them in church and your nonpregnant self...i guess now you will be embarassed to meet me, but you won't mind meeting my mom karma will you???

Putz said...

that was my wife karma, blast my oldsheimer's diseased brain

Doug & Laurel said...

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Anonymous said...
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