Apr 9, 2009

Wonderful wonderful

we got some lovely amazing pictures in our inbox today, and a video. We have two sweet, sweet girls. My heart just aches for the older. She looks so lost, bewildered, shy, afraid. I just want to make everything all better for her. But I know it will take some time. She may not even want me around for a while, and I'm gearing up for that emotionally. But dang it, these two girls need some constancy and attention and loving caregivers in their lives. They are both so sweet and special, I can just feel it, looking at the pictures and watching the movie.

This was the description the woman who took our package to the girls gave us:

They are beautiful, sweet girls! The older one was a bit hesitant and seemed unsure of what was happening when we presented the picture book, but the nurse was so loving and encouraging, it was really special to watch. Both girls were quiet and attentive but the younger was very smiley and excited about it all. You will see this in a little video we took and will send to you as soon as we can. Throughout the week, when we saw the girls they were much the same, the older a bit more reserved and the younger always a big smile. One day the older girl was having fun pushing our boys and some other kids on a merry-go-round, I ran back to the waiting room to grab our camera but when I came back the kids were being rounded up to go inside. Both girls seem so nice and happy and developmentally fine. Although the orphanage was nice, and we were impressed with the caring nurses, it's definitely not a place the girls should grow up in. You and them are so blessed to have each other. Thank you for letting us share in your adoption journey.

I'm sooooo ready to go bring them home. Lately we've been adding Woinshet and Meaza to our prayers at night, praying that they will be safe and happy and that they will be prepared to join our family, and that we will be prepared to have them in ours. If you feel like it, we definitely wouldn't mind if others wanted to say a prayer or two as well. I think this next fast Sunday will be to that end for me, and also for a favorable court date (may 20th, everybody!)

What a crazy roller coaster this has been... and right now I feel like I'm chuggging slowly up the long, steep slope that you know will end in the 60 foot vertical drop. I'm just waiting for it... preparing for it... grabbing on for dear life and bracing myself.

What a wonderful thing it has been, though. I'd definitely reccommend it.


Putz said...

so you are not offering them big spectacular fancy bedrooms, 100 million dollar home, privacy, but just love love love and of course all our prayers

Lucy Stern said...

It sounds like things are rolling along well for your family....It is good to hear that the girls are doing fine and that they are well after that scare at the orphanage. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the May 20th court date goes in your favor and that the girls get here in due time....This is not going to be easy for the girls, coming from a very far distance, and leaving everything that they know...It is going to take some extra love to bring them around...Good luck to your family and have a Happy Easter.

Fred said...

How exciting for you. I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but my goddaughter was adopted from China. They went though some very emotional times waiting for the process to work in their favor. Her parents are the most loving people I know, and she is a bright star in my life.

It won't be long....

merrilykaroly said...

so exciting to hear more about them!!