Jul 14, 2009

Tales of a Ninth Grade Molly-my blogfict

I don't know if you guys have been around enough to remember this, but a while back I was doing regular posts on a blog-fiction blog I created called Tales of a Ninth Grade Molly.

I got enough confused comments (people thinking I really was a 14 year old girl) that I felt guilty and closed it down. But now the phenomenon of blogfict is known enough that I feel less like I'm accidentally lying to people, so I've put it back up. Anyway, I thought it might be fun for some light reading if you're bored and come to my site looking for something new... because there probably won't be anything much new on it for a while. I might try to post something while we're away and in Ethiopia but internet is really slow there so I might have to wait until we come home.

Anyway, this is a serial blog so you'll get the whole thing in order if you start on the oldest entry and not the newest one that is currently on the webpage. You can click on the archives in the sidebar to do this.

Tales of a Ninth Grade Molly

Enjoy (I hope.)


Th. said...


I'm glad you explained this because I was just there and, yes, I thought it was a 14yrold girl and that confused me.

Texasblu said...

1st, good luck with the adoption!

2nd, I totally get the fic. I've been writing my own, but it's not in that format so no one has been confused on mine. I'm turning it into a novel.

Great to see you're still here. Haven't been by in awhile - shame on me.

Amyjo said...

seriously, you really need to submit this as a YA Fic read.

Anonymous said...
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