Aug 20, 2009

Top-Ten in Politics

I haven't had a political post in a while. So I thought I'd do a top 10 list on my current political thoughts. I thought it might be easier, sort of like a summary, to save time.

(BTW watch out because it's been a while...this will be a vent!!!)

10) The John Birch Society and Nancy Pelosi drive me nuts. If I were stuck with nobody but John Birch and Nancy Pelosi on a desert Island, I'd have a hard time deciding which one to eat first.

9) I'm tired of hearing about socialized medicine. Let's talk about socialized education. Did your kids have a good first day of school? Get the teacher they wanted? Did they catch the government-funded transportation on time? Did they have to stand in lines for food? Were they distributed equal pencils and erasers?

8) Maybe I've got an inherently facetious sense of humor, but I found this whole situation hilarious. We knew it would happen, guys... we knew it would happen, because Hillary cannot be without the Bill. Poor woman. Apparently North Koreans aren't big on the whole feminist thing.

7) Ok, aching stomach muscles after this one. An example of misunderstood science and misplaced morality coming together in a spectacular cataclysm.

6) I'm sorry, but My friend Dave is right. How can you not love Joe Biden? At least you know he's saying what's on his mind. That Eyeore thing has me cracking up randomly still, Dave. Thanks for that.

5) He's Barack Obama, Come to Save the Day. Good luck, B. Good luck.

4) Thanks, Arnie. I really needed the laugh. Too bad we can't elect you president.

3) Sarah. Wow. I honestly do wonder if she began this speech with the intention to end it the way she did. At any rate, this is the image I will retain when her name comes up again in national headlines in, oh, about a year and a half. I'm sorry... I know you're in great Shape, Sarah, and you probably had nothing to do with the editing... but I think that is the weirdest piece of cover touch-up I've seen. A mature, gorgeous 40-year-old-woman's face on a 16-year-old's body.

2) If I were Latina, I would buy this T-Shirt and wear it proudly. As to the confirmation, I'm so glad, and I think people are silly. Maybe they make a Wise Swedish-English-Danish-Scottish-Portugese T-shirt. Or... dare I suggest... a Wise Mormon T-shirt? Or perhaps a Wise-A(rse) T-shirt--that would probably fit me best.


1) It was all about the arms a few months ago... it appears that people have nowgravitated to lower limbs. The feminist in me should be outraged at how objectifying that is, but I understand, people. It has been a while... I can't imagine any of our more recent first ladies wearing such things, and I'm not sure I want to.

One thing I remembered while I was in Ethiopia... I'm proud to be an American! Dang it all, I wouldn't want to live or vote anywhere else.


David L said...

Yes, the Eeyore quote still randomly makes me laugh. For those that don't know it, here it is:

Hating Joe Biden would be like hating Eeyore.

I'm still not quite sure what it means or says about anything, but yes, I agree.

And #10 really had me laugh. I'm not sure which one I'd eat either, but I'd be comforted knowing that both would eventually be eaten. Add Harry Reid to the mix, and I'd just have to settle for a big buffet and get it all over with.

Last thought... I'm glad someone else is pointing out the obvious socialized nature of our education system. But as part of that, I'm surprised that no one has pointed out many of the obvious flaws and inefficiencies and deficiencies associated with our socialized education. It surprises me that people aren't as up-in-arms over the education system as they are health care.

Personally, I want neither (which is why we'll likely home school our children). I'm all for health care reform, but I've yet to see a plan that really leaves me encouraged and hopeful for a truly efficient and effective system.

Sigh... Sarah, we've missed you and our lengthy political discussions. Hopefully sometime soon we'll all be able to get together.

Erstwild said...

I'm not too down on Pelosi. But, I did get a lot of laughs out of FMH:

#20. Way back in 1975, another guy & I decided to make a prank phone call to one of the major Bircher Officers in Salt Lake, on "behalf" of the Gus Hall for President Committee (The Communist Party Candidate of that era). I asked his opinion of Gus Hall.

It took the guy a moment to recognize who Hall was, but he flipped out when recognized who it was!

That's a good point about the Public Education system.

A girl called dallan said...

I'm all with you on number two. I, too, wish I qualified to wear one of those shirts.

Jeremy said...

"Were they distributed equal pencils and erasers?"

Absolutely. See, here in our district (Western NY), you bring in all your supplies and dump them in a box for the class. Then, whenever someone needs a new pencil, crayon, etc., the teacher redistributes it for us.

So the parents all stopped buying quality supplies. The district responded by listing the acceptable brand names on the supplies lists.

Putz said...

i hst said enough...this sort of thing was the demise of defunked now putz blog

Kristie said...

I really liked your comment about socialized education. We're so worried about socialized medicine, but not socialized education??

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