Dec 15, 2009

OK fine...

So my previous post was kind of a lead-up to this. I've been rebelliously not listing my own sister's blog in my links on the side because I don't think she ever visits mine. But that's silly and internet passive aggressive. So here's her cool blog with lots of thoughtful posts and fun silliness. I realized the other day (after I looked her blog up in my email account for the fifth time) that i really need a link on my sidebar so that I don't have to look it up. That's the way I operate... the links on my sidebar are mostly for me and my own convenience, but if any of you all want to click through cuz you're curious then that's awesome too because I like to read lots of awesome blogs.

And Cait, just so you know... I love reading your posts and really my complaining is more because I want to read more of them, not so much that I need you to come over here and comment.

Still waiting on Care. She's got a blog but I think she's only posted like one thing on it. And that was three years ago. Haha.

Maybe I should start one for her.

That would kind of be beside the pt though, wouldn't it? oh well.

Anyway, if you're interested in reading her blog you'll need an invite (she's all wise like that, keeping the blog private) so email her (I assume you'd know her email if you wanted an invite anyway) and she'll invite you.


Putz said...

i am offended cause lately i haven't been mentioned on your blog and feel unloved unliked and un done

NoSurfGirl said...

Dude, Putz! You're already ON my sidebar.

Though I will admit I sometimes hesitate to mention the blogs I read on my blog because then you go comment on theirs and it takes a while to figure out exactly who you are, putz :)

merrilykaroly said...

The whole sidebar links thing is interesting in and of itself. I've found myself a little hurt (I know, I'm silly) because I wasn't listed on someone's links before. The internet world is so funny with the little situations it creates.

I agree with what you said in your comments on your last post-- sometimes the only interaction I get with anyone grownup all day is through the internet. It helps me feel more connected with the world while stuck inside all day (especially in this weather). I think I would probably go crazy without it.

Oh, AND speaking of real-life interaction, Michele and John gave me some keychains from Vietnam to give to your kids when they were here in October. I need to get them to you!!