Jan 25, 2010

LDS humor!!

For those of you who don't really traverse the bloggernacle much, you probably haven't really hit all the big blogs. I traverse it frequently and often miss some really fun stuff. Today I went to vote on the niblets for this year (awards for Mormon blogs and bloggers) and founds some really, really funny stuff after clicking on the links in the humor category. I've known about Bishop Gerald Higgins for a long time, but these other three have somehow escaped my attention. The first, especially... oh my poor sides. :)

Another suggestion: Perhaps the most hilarious blog post and slew of comments of all time goes to this, at Mormon Mommy Wars (another simply wonderful Mormon blog.)

Anyway, just wanted to add a few more endorphins to your day.


Elaine said...

Thanks so much! I didn't realize LDS humor even existed!! ;)


Anonymous said...
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Putz said...

there is a book from beck my ex next dood neighbor that has been PUBLISHED, mormon mischeif and mishaps, which is quite good but not as good as my stufff, doug stories, or aliens., or cow pies, but i digress