Mar 31, 2011

Things We Say: Proper Terminology

*disclaimer... we are very honest and open in our house about what some would likely consider to be embarrassing topics*

Bella (watching NSG nurse baby Rose: Mom, Rose loves nipples.

NSG: Yup.

Bella: Moms have big nipples, mom.

NSG: Actually, the correct term for it is breasts, Bella. Nipples are just the part at the end where the milk comes from.

Bella: Oh. Mom, I wish I had breasts.

NSG: Someday you will. Your body will change when you get older, and you'll start becoming a woman and not a little girl.

MayMay: Will they be big?

NSG: I don't know. You'll just have to see.

MayMay: Mom, I want mine to be THIS BIG. (Holding her arms straight out in front of her).

NSG: (studiously not laughing) I think that'd probably hurt your back a lot.

(Setting: NSG fam has just said prayers, and are engaging in a little compliment-exchange that we traditionally do after prayers. Earlier in the day, one of the children was disobedient the point of being put in their room during lunchtime, which they had after nap instead.)

MayMay: Mom, I always get sad when people have to miss meals.

NSG: Yup. It's sad.

MayMay: I cry a lot.

Loli: yeah, you get pretty emotional.

NSG: (laughs out loud)

Loli: (Gives NSG a defensive glance) What? I know what it means, so I can say it!

NSG: (Nods, holding back further laughter.) Yes. Yes you can.


David L said...

The correct term, Sarah, is "schlobes." Have I not taught you anything? ;-)

Putz said...

you are naughty<>><,.you have stopprf blogging tous us so you can write elsewhere<><>,.do you think that is fair??/no, then tell us if the fast water up in idaho has swept any of your crops away or furniture???tell us when you are pregnant tell us what your kids are saying tell us tell us if skywalker is still nice<><>just tell us how heaven up there is<<><>celestial kindom is sunouminous with rexburg