Apr 30, 2011

if I had a million...

I don't know why, but while I was in the shower this afternoon (yes, it's been one of those days) I was thinking to myself about wishes, and djinies. And I thought of people who wish for a ton of money, and how it would really go if they did wish for something outlandish, like to be richer than anyone in the world.

It made me think a little bit about what I'd do if I suddenly came into a ton of money. Like, if I sold a book somewhere down the line, perhaps in ten years or so after I'd already established my name as an author, and a publisher was excited enough to give me a 1,000,0000 advance (by the way... never happens. Except to J.K Rowling.) Anyway, if such a thing did happen, what would I want to do with the money?

1) I think we'd invest the whole thing into mutual funds. At a standard interest rate of 10-12 percent, that'd give us an income of 100,000 a year. Before taxes, of course... which would likely leave a disposable income of around 70,000 a year, give or take.

2) I think we'd sit on it for a while, and still live like starving college students, and aggressively pay off a mortgage within a few years. Say, within two years. During this time, Skywalker would keep his job (maybe for five years or so) and make some contacts related to his dream of starting a business, and bring in the income we already have so that we could save.

3) After that, I'd want to save up (still interest--not touching principal, Skywalker still working) and purchase a piece of land in Ririe, Idaho, and save up to construct a home with cash---an off grid, strawbale, earth-contact home with a giant atrium. It'd be on at least 20 acres with a well, solar panels, a wind turbine, a giant garden, a nice little barn and a giant greenhouse, and a large, underground storage space for a two-years' supply of food.

4) Jeff would quit his job, start his business, and we'd build the house together. Our kids, at this point, would be teenagers (Loli 14) and we'd start saving for extended vactations--traveling around the world for education and also to do service projects in countries like Ghana or Ethiopia or Guatemala.

5) We'd buy electric vehicles. No more gas.

6) We'd put aside money to help (just help) with missions and the first year of college.

7) We'd save up for retirement and live together as a family. Skywalker and I would write, garden, take care of the giant herd of sheep and horses we'd gradually acquire, and educate our children. We'd live together as a family, completely independent and self-sufficient, learning the value of hard work and service.Which is exactly how people lived 100 years ago. Why is it so expensive, now?

8) We'd save up to contribute concrete things in our community that are needed. (E G playground, new book collections for libraries, musical instruments for underpriveleged children who want to learn to play, etc.)

9) Skywalker would likely want to get involved in local politics.

10) I would not, but I would support Skywalker.

11)We'd adopt two more Ethiopian Kids. They'd be babies this time, and they'd be boys, and they'd be HIV +.

More outlandish dreams: I have daydreamed about owning a cottage in the village of Dunster, somerset county, England. For no real reason :)
And a beachouse on the washington coast.
And a villa in Serrento, Italy.
And a remote, desert Island.

Siiiiigh.... now back to reality. Well, it isn't so bad, actually! I think, looking down this list, many these things are actually accomplishable. I think you woudln't really have to be a millionare to do a lot of them. Maybe on a smaller scale, but still.

So... if you had a million, what would you want to do?


Putz said...

oh oh oh yes i would definetely buy an off grid straw bailer<><><>am i right you would buy an off grid straw bailer??????

David L said...

A million.... I've often wondered what the "magic number" for my family is. I think we could do fairly well with as little as $250,000 because it would wipe out our debt, put our savings in place, and get us to the point of just growing.

If we had a million, I would pay off our house and take the balance and, after funding emergency accounts and some fun money, I'd sink the rest into local rental properties. If I had $750,000 left over, I could pick up enough rentals to provide about $8,000 in monthly income pre-tax/expenses. That'd work.

Putz said...


Hannah said...

I guess an electric car could work if you were living off the grid. I always think it's funny when other people who live in neighborhoods say they want an electric car because they don't realize they will need to plug it in at home and that their local electric company uses coal to get the electricity to their house! LOL! Honestly, your list is pretty similar to my list. Good luck with house hunting!