Aug 11, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog

Completely cheesy and predictable title, I know.

Listen, blogging friends.
I feel horrible for neglecting this blog that I have so faithfully kept updated for years. Five years... at least a post a month, but usually more like several per week.

What happened?

Well, when life is stressful, I tend to not want to write about it and talk with other people about it. I get really introverted. Us Nosurfs just went through a He-yuge change. We left friends behind. We left our HOME (yes, provo was our home. I lived there ten years, and Skywalker had been there sixteen by the time we left.) And we went off into the scary blue yonder without a clue as to what would be welcoming us.

Well, we're here now. In our house we bought (and therefore will be staying in for a long time.)

It's a gorgeous house. Startlingly so. I never expected so much... I feel so very overwhelmed with blessings at the moment. NO, I mean it... overwhelmed. Too much. Overflowing. Being poured over and drowned...

I know that this sounds ungrateful. I've been saying a lot of prayers lately to the effect of, "Dear Father, I don't want you to think I'm not grateful for the astonishing blessings you've given me, but I'm feeling rather overwhelmed here..."

When you move to a place and decide on purpose that you'll be staying there for thirty years or so, it can be a little scary. Scratch that... it's terrifying. And while a piece of me aknowledges how much I love this place we've moved to... that it's our dream home in our dream town and still within 20 minutes of Skywalker's dream job, I'm still reeling from all the changes. Still recovering. Still offloading all the stress.

And another problem is that right now, the only internet connection I have is a tethered android phone. IT works, but the blogging I could usually get done in one hour now takes me four. It's made for a lot less internet-browsing, blog-hopping, drive-by-or-more-thoughtful-commenting, or really, reading anything and everything on the internets.

But I am going to force myself to blog once a week. Thursday evenings. HOld me to it... It's Skywalker's night out and generally speaking, I have nothing better to do than to sit for five minutes at a time watching a loading bar creep across my screen :/

Anyway, don't abandon me, blogging friends. Please come visit me again... I'll be good, I promise. And there is likely some exciting stuff on the horizon... for all of us. I can't wait to read about what you're up to, even if I can't always find time to comment with my current internet situation.



Janell said...

The beauty of an RSS feed is that I can just ask it to tell me when you post something; I don't have to be in the habit of checking your blog by hand daily.

That said, I'll try to remember to look forward to reading a post from you every Friday morning =D

Donnell Allan said...

My move to my dream home in my dream town knocked me for a loop, too. But I still had great Internet connections. Whatever happens, please know I care about you. It's good to read your words, as always.

Putz said...

read about my idaho trip<>on my blog<>4 days and 3 nights in idaho???you can't be serious with becky, dan and karma<><><>rupert, corey, arco atomic city, sun valley{bike trails}, you were not home in rexburg when we visited , got flloded by the great dam burst, sugar city and donnell allan wasn't home in washing ton, but here i am a hick travelling through hicks ville, yes rexbug and yes that fuddy duddy little berg of mormonism that is called a school up there><>seriously read my blog<><>you are the onliest person in the world that would be interested even slightly and i am still in love with you<><>putzydutzy

merrilykaroly said...

I think I get what you are saying about being overwhelmed with blessings-- I feel so humbled and so amazed. And yet, so stressed out. Maybe you aren't on that side of it anymore, I don't know... I just hope that all my blessings don't make me forget to be humble and grateful.

I would love to see your dream home! It sounds fabulous.