Oct 24, 2013

Interview of R.I. Drembic, author of The Knights of the Caers


Today I'm doing something a little different.

I'm interviewing a fantasy author!

About R.L. Drembic:

R.L. Drembic has loved reading from an early age. It wasn’t until shortly after
high school that he got the idea for a book of his own. Inspired by a friend’s
courage to try and get her own novel published, Drembic began writing and has
continued through his college career. Drembic has plans for a dozen more books
and hopes for a chance to share these adventures with avid readers everywhere.

About Knights of the Caers:
An ominous storm brews over The Northern Kingdoms. Edric, a young man, has wandered through the kingdoms alone and forlorn for years, ever since a tragedy forced him to leave his village. A fateful encounter brings Stephen to his campfire with inspirational news; war looms on the horizon of the realm of Osmér and King Herus has called for skilled swordsmen to come to the Knight’s Academy. The news brings Edric some desperately needed hope and he risks everything to escape the past that haunts him.

The novel has been described as gripping, the plot as twisty, and the characters, endearing.

OK. So here's the interview!

1) What is the genre of your book? What has made you choose this genre for your writing?

The Knights of the Caers is an Epic Fantasy. I chose to write in this genre because I have always found it to be the most exciting and enrapturing genre in my years as an avid reader. I believe that reading a good book should be a means to transport the reader to a new, amazing world where they can experience an adventure that they could never have in real life.

2) I noticed from your blurbs that your story has a historical bent. Did you do research?

The novel doesn't actually have much of a historical bent beyond ships and weapons common before the renaissance. Originally, it was set in medieval times, but as I wrote I slowly added fantastical elements starting with orcs, then a little magic, then elves and dwarves, and so on. I quickly decided to set the story in a completely created land because I believed that all the research required to do one in a historical setting would get in the way of creativity; and it is the creativity that makes a story good.

3) Do you love plotting or character development more? Which of those have you had to work on as you grow as a writer? Or are you great at both?

Writing this novel, and working on my others, I definitely focus more on plotting. I love creating a thrilling, twisting plot. There are strong elements of character development throughout the story that are what make the characters real and inspiring, but the focus is on how the events help or harm character development.

4) What do you feel is the most valuable writing skill you have gained in writing this book?

I would say the most valuable skill that developed is the ability to write more fluidly while making the imagery descriptive. As you read the book, there is definite, noticeable improvement in this aspect throughout.

5) Tell me five interesting or strange things about yourself.

I started writing this novel at 18.
By the time I graduated high school, I calculated that I had probably read over 1,000 fictions books.
Although the first novel took me about a year to complete (6 months for the first third), the first draft of the sequel only took me about 4-6 weeks (2 weeks for the first third).
I have six other books in various stages of the writing process as well as ideas for a half dozen others based off characters introduced in The Knights of the Caers.

Thank you, R.L. Drembic!

If you want to know more about this author, here is his facebook page.

And for those interested, here's where you can purchase a copy of Knights of the Caers. And you can have a sneak peek at the first few chapters here.

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