Jun 2, 2014

2000 word update

I am doing ok with my 2000 word goal, except for a couple things: when the kids are sick, it all goes out the window. Also, DavyJones is keeping me up at night and there have been a few mornings where I just couldn't manage it. And... Saturdays have fallen off the table. Now that it's summer. I forget how insanely busy Saturdays are during summer. Especially with the yard, and play practices, and other summer activities... and finishing the greenhouse. Which I will post about soon.

Still, right now I'm at 96,000 words with my LDS contemporary novel, and about 85,000 words of my fantasy. The LDS novel is almost finished. I can feel it winding to a close. The fantasy... maybe we're at the halfway point. I was right--it is an epic fantasy. Hooooow to get an agent to read it, when it's my first book? I guess I have to market to agents who deal in epic fantasy? Are there such things for people other than Robert Jordan?

Anyway. Thoughts. You could send some my direction, too... I'd welcome input.


Wally said...

Writing, you will find, is the easy part; it's what we do. All I can say about finding someone interested enough to read the manuscript is, query, query, query, endlessly. I found a publisher after 184 submissions. There is a place for your writing.

Sarah Dunster said...

That gives me hope, Wally :) was my plan.... will proceed with plan.