Sep 6, 2014

Gratitude (to restore Balance to the universe and to this blog)

Title is self explanatory.
I want everybody to know that I do realize, life is actually good. Even if there is difficulty, and struggle and all that. I feel like yesterday's post was necessary. Honestly. I didn't get that urge to remove it like I have a couple times in the past, talking about struggles with what is happening in my little town. So, I guess I leave it, this time.

BUT I feel a need to make a big, picture-crammed list of the things that I am very very grateful for, because otherwise I would be ungrateful and people might not know how much I love them and appreciate them. A lot. Anyway. Here goes.

I am grateful for:

Beautiful daughters.

Squirt and his doll. (clearly labeled.)

Polar bears who hug.

The three Bastianna sisters: Virginia, Mary, and my great-great Grandmother Silver. She gave birth to 21 children, including 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets, twelve of whom survived to adulthood, but who were all sealed together in the temple last year.

Another Mary, and a Martha, who did the work with me in the temple for two of the ladies pictured above.

A beloved old tree, and those who I played with on said tree. And also, all siblings and my dad whom I couldn't find a picture for. Give me more pictures, siblings and Dad.

Eliza Roxcy Snow, for being so awesome. And for having the middle name "Roxcy."

The fact that bunnies don't have fangs, because, you know. Bunnies are pretty fast. And sneaky.

Old Friends, and the fact that I now know what knee length shorts are.

My new sister.

My grandmother who I've never met, but whose smile I inherited.

Delicious recipes on pinterest which I never have time to make but sometimes gaze at longingly and feel calm afterward.

This baby.

Who is becoming amazing

and incredibly spunky in her older age.

The fact that I do not have this in my house to dust.

Two muddy boys.

my beautiful mother and sister. And a pretty great childhood.

These. Man. Worth it, right?

The fact that Dylan and Tyler are people that my kids will forever remember fondly and aspire to be like.

This sister, who will be horrified I put her between these other two pictures. But who goes on hikes and also thinks about stuff in facebook memes to try to understand crazy people she is related to.

Breasts, because you know they are actually useful for a lot of things.

Diana Fritillaries.

A girl who makes me happy just by being alive, and also when she takes beautiful pictures of my other favorite people.

This one.

Grandma Pat and her come-hither gaze, which I did not inherit.

This man, who I still can't believe isn't around anymore, and this woman, who I love getting recipies in the mail from (which I never make them, but do gaze at longingly and feel calm afterward.)


Satanic Leaftail Geckoes, because they look like leaves until you pick them up and then they lick their eyeballs and climb up your arm. (I assume. I've never held one... it's all a fantasy so far.)

Modest mermaids, because yes, thank you. but honestly, actually you missed a spot.

A sister and a swimming hole and lots of memories.

Sweet people.

Someone who wouldn't want his picture on my blog, but who is an amazing photographer and can make my kids smile.

Holy places.

Someone really great and wonderful, who has been teaching me to make bread lately.

This dude.

Yeah, this dude...

Also a sister who expertly and unashamedly tatooes her feet in henna.

But mostly, this dude, and

the fact that he laid the last block in the foundation for our greenhouse today.


The Weed said...

GREAT post. Loved it's whimsy, truth, and sweet candor.

The Weed said...

Also loved my inappropriate use of a contraction. Your welcome. (See what I did there?)

Sarah Dunster said...

Love the contraction and the subtraction.

Sarah Dunster said...

....thank you. it has been a week.

Emma Tank said...

You're pretty awesome. I'm sorry things have been hard, but I know you'll make it through. We can only move forward, right?

You have a beautiful family, by the way.

Sarah Dunster said...

thank you...yes I do. And partly because it includes you Davenports.

merrilykaroly said...

haha on the modest mermaids comment!!!!! I love mermaids so much.