Jun 7, 2005

man talk

in my opinion, men and women are actually a lot more similar than some people think. But I'm pretty sure they're still different.

For instance, men and women authors. My husband pointed out to me that, in the small collection of fiction I have aquired since leaving home, the authors are almost exclusively women. I had to think about that one, because I didn't consciously collect only womens' writing.

I have decided that, when I read popular fiction, I enjoy women's writing because it seems to me that women tend to develop their characters better.

In real literature, I actually tend to prefer men's writing... I don't know why. But the fact that I have some kind of preference, even thought it was previously unconscious, signifies that there must be some kind of difference that I have based my preferences upon, doesn't it?

I think I like men's and women's poetry equally well.

Boys are so hard to deal with sometimes. I grew up as the oldest of six kids. I only have one brother. So I still know a limited amount about men.

Sometimes when I talk to boys, I realize that I must sound slightly crazy to them, because I'm so used to talking to women, and, I hate to break it to you: men and women communicate differently.

They really do.

For instance, it seems to me that some men get bored pretty quickly when the conversation isn't about them. Only some men. I guess some women can be that way too, but I think the difference is, those women pretend that they are interested when the conversation isn't about them, because it's not as socially acceptable for women to be self-centered.

Some men don't like to talk about their problems for very long, or to listen to others' for very long, either.

Also, I have noticed that even really innocent, nice men enjoy any kind of discussion about sexuality, even if it has nothing to do with thier own sexual experience or feeling. They tend to find excuses to stay on the topic if sexuality is involved.

I actually find these things kind of endearing.

I'm sure that there are lots of things that men find equally endearing about women. I'm not sure what they are.

These things also tend to be things that are charming in small amounts, but I find myself getting bored quickly if it's mostly them talking about themselves or talking about things of a sexual nature.

I think the common ground I personally have with men that I am freinds with is music. Or maybe witty exchanges. It can be fun to talk to a man if he knows his way around the english language.

Also, I like kissing. I've only kissed three men in my life. One of them is, of course, my husband. He's actually an amazing kisser. And he likes music. And sometimes he can out talk me.

So we're pretty happy, I think.

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