May 10, 2007

Good newses

Item #1-- for the past three nights, Jaws woke only one time. It appears that our cry-it-out session on Tuesday had its desired effect.

Item #2-- We now have everything completed for the adoption dossier (that we can do-- we're still waiting on the homestudy, and the letters of reccomendation have all been sent but not yet recieved), so I can rest with the divine knowledge that I'm pretty much officially waiting things out. The peace-- this is what I have been wanting to feel for quite a while.

Item #3-- my meal and cleaning schedules seem to be working out all right. But I haven't found the time for writing that I have been wanting to find, either-- going to have to experiment a little, I think.

Item #4-- I'm thinking of doing a serial Farcequin on this blog. (have you ever read old harlequins, like from the fifties and sixties? Squeakly clean, and oh, so fun and hilarious. Not purposefully hilarious, of course. It takes a really dry sense of humor to appreciate such material.) Anyway, that may be starting up sooner or later, so you can look forward to it; either that or dread and avoid it. I would not blame you in either case. But I plan on having fun with it, nonetheless.

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