May 11, 2007


For any dissappointed readers, this is not the next insallment of the farcequin, although I think that the title of this post may have been apt, were it the next installment. No, this is something else I just had to share. I'm going to try to post the farcequin on tuesdays and thursdays.

My little bro just turned eighteen. (I'm kind of floored. He was ten years old when I left home. TEN YEARS OLD. This is the beginning of the end. Anyway--)

I sent him a capn'wacky birthday card, and in grateful aknowledgement, he supplied me with a website that I enjoyed enormously several years ago but forgot about. This was before I was vegetarian. I enjoy this site even more now that I am *mostly* vegetarian.

I hope that you enjoy it, too. It's pages from a vintage cookbook, with commentary making fun of them. Some of you will recognize loved dishes and be offended, whilst others will cock disbelieving eyebrow and hopefully have a chuckle or two. If you're interested, just click here.

*warning* I just reread a few of them, and the guy does air on the tasteless side here and there, so don't read this if you're going to be offended by references to male anatomy.

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Jeremy said...

Thanks for posting this. I own the book and I love it! Lileks does a great job. A little vulgar? Yes...but absolutely hilarious.