Jun 6, 2007


Lately, I haven't been blogging my farcequin regularly as promised. I apologize.

Let's just say that I have lots on my plate right now, and I'll blog it when I can.



Janell said...

Real life always ought to take precedence over internet life =)

Lucy Stern said...

I agree with janell.....I haven't written a blog since early May. I have been busy preparing for my husbands up and coming surgery, Baby sitting grandkids and super busy with a ham radio class that I was put in charge of and my new (added to other calling) calling as emergency prepardness coordinator for our ward. With hurricane season beginning, we need to get on the stick and get ready. I have also been busy teaching classes on food storage in our stake....Busy, busy, busy.

Take care of your family and write when you can.

Janell said...

I went searching through your archives, and didn't find what I was looking for. Why are you and Skywalker (and by extension, Jaws and Loli) vegetarians?

texasblu said...

No problem! We all have those moments! :)

NoSurfGirl said...

We're vegetarians for health reasons primarily, ethical reasons secondarily. Skywalker has been veg for 9 years now, I became vegetarian while we were dating. I do eat meat on occasion, though-- so mostly I'm vegetarian, and I always cook vegetarian for our family, as kids are vegetarian. I make an excuse for my meat eating-- I'm pregnant, or nursing or something. But really it's just hard for me. I'm a struggling vegetarian, let's put it that way.