Nov 28, 2007

What about Huckabee?

Mike Huckabee. Arkansas Governor. Baptist preacher. A flawless record of pro-life, anti-gay-marriage stands. A moral leader; making his political decisions seemingly based on personal conviction.

So why have republicans/media been ignoring him? Because nobody thought he could win.

Well, now his poll numbers are soaring in Iowa. He's almost at the same level as Romney right now, who is far and above (or was) all other Republican nominees in his poll percentages. So I thought I'd dig around and say what I think about MIke.

I like him. In the republican debates, I find I agree with him more than I don't. Here's a basic summary of his stands and how I feel about them:

1) The war in Iraq is a necessary battle in the war on terror, and we have to win it even if it means staying in Iraq for another fifty years. (I strongly disagree... though I also disagree with people who want to immediately withdraw troops. I think we need to continue to give this surge a chance until it is actually apparent we're failing, which it is not, right now.)

2) We need a completely new plan for healthcare. Health savings accounts should be available to all americans. (I agree. This is a different take on universal access to healthcare than Barack and Hillary tout, and perhaps a better one? We don't know, because all new plans are experimental at this point, anyway.)

3) It is our moral duty to do all that we can to halt or reduce global warming. (I completely agree. What, a republican candidate that actually says he believes Global Warming exists? I'm speechless!)

4) In general, Abortion is morally wrong. There are a lot of moral dilemmas involved in this issue, and therefore states shouldn't legislate about it. You can't legislate morality. (I agree. I think.)

5)Illegal immigrants should be deported if they are caught, and they shouldn't recieve welfare or voting rights. But the children of illegal immigrants should have access to healthcare, public school, and be eligible to apply for college scholarships when they graduate from high school in the U.S. (I like his compassionate stance on immigration. However, I'd like to hear more about possible routes to legalize illegal immigrants, or at least, grant them a chance to legalize themselves through legitimate means.)

6)We must become independent of Saudi Oil. We will do so within ten years. This means also pursuing all forms of alternative energy (nuclear, solar, wind, etcetera).
(I agree).

Overall, I think I might like Mike better than Mitt, actually. I definitely like him better than Rudy. If it ended up being Mike vs Hillary, my vote would go to mike. If it were Mike vs Obama, I'd have a harder time deciding. If it were Mike, Obama, and Ron Paul as a third party candidate, I might have to pray a lot.

Woudln't it be fun to have a president Huckabee?


Sherpa said...

Yeah, the coverage on Huckabee the past couple of weeks has exploded..along with his numbers. This is making the GOP race actually interesting.

1) Iraq may not be another Vietnam, but it very well could be another Korea. I don't agree with Mike advocating another Korea, but I think that may be true.

2) We do need a major healthcare overhaul. However, Health Saving Accounts are currently in place as a supplement option for health care costs, and I'm very skeptical about their efficacy at a large level as the solution for our healthcare crisis. They aren't the solution. They could be a small part of it, but not the only solution.

3) Republicans are jumping on the bandwagon, the only one with practical solutions though is McCain.

4)He's not really saying anything on abortion. If a candidate said that answer to me, I'd give him at least three questions back. His stance on abortion is almost laughable.

5)I'd ask him, so are you saying the children of illegal immigrants should continue to be citizens? Are you saying that you'll split up families but give kids the chances here in this country?

6) Yes we need to. We need to focus on alternative renewable energy and not Alaska State Welfare (ANWR)

NoSurfGirl said...


thanks for the input about health savings accounts, you know far more about this stuff than I do and it's nice to have your opinion.

the abortion thing... I'm not exactly sure What he's saying but I do think that it shouldn't be legislated, whatever it is, lol.

I like the fact that he's not just, ship them out, all of them. But you're right. And maybe that's why I like him, in fact... it's a weak position that he could easily be convinced to err even more on the side of legalizing immigrants.

Sherpa said...

Thanks, I like talking politics and picking his platform apart is actually fun for me.

Yeah his position on immigrants is ambiguous; but I think he's taking that stance on purpose during the primaries. I'd have a ton of questions for him, but I think he's more or less okay on immigration. He's playing it a little tough, but I don't know if that's his real intent. I'm positive he's implying that being born in this country still gets you citizen status, and I'm okay with that, that being said I still have more questions thanks to his answer on immigration.

Here's my take on his abortion stance:

In general, Abortion is morally wrong.

Yes, it is. Generally speaking, it is.

There are a lot of moral dilemmas involved in this issue, and therefore states shouldn't legislate about it.

So, because there's moral dilemmas, states shouldn't legislate it? The states can't cut it? Huh? There should be one Federal Law? So Congress should legislate morality? Does Roe v. Wade Stand? Just what are you saying Huck? Should this be a Presidential Executive? Explain yourself, Sir.

You can't legislate morality.

Sure you can. there's laws against killing someone else, there's laws against suicide, there's laws against robbing someone else. That's "legislating morality" in the purest sense of the word.

He's actually quietly saying he's pro-choice, I believe. I respect him for that, but his reasoning is suspect. (Oh, and I'm pro-choice.)

NoSurfGirl said...

LOL! If he were pro choice and pro immigration I would vote for him for SURE. It's a shame, to me, that the different party platforms tend to dictate hot-button issues, but then that's what they're for, I guess.

I actually like his statement about not being able to legislate morality, while I do realize it's got no real meaning. You're right, killing, stealing, all these laws are based upon SOMEONE's morality. I think why I like his take on abortion is this: It's a moral choice. People have moral reasons for choosing either position and which one is more moral? Who knows. The LDS church's stance on abortion, if examined carefully (no abortions except in cases of rape, incest or where life of mother is treatened) is pro-choice, based upon the exceptions in the policy alone.

Poor repbulicans. They've got openly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage Rudy, waffling Mitt, and Quietly pro-choice, pro-immigration (if we've read him right) Huckabee. Who're they gonna choose!

(Please, please, nobody say fred thompson.)