Mar 16, 2008

More Stylins

Here's the result my second mannequin practice session. Just a reminder, here's what we started with.

And here's what I ended up with this time:

hanging twists. I'm actually pleased, despite the slight roughness of some of the ends and a few of the parts. This is party because of the gel I used; I'm not buying the expensive stuff until it's a real head I'm working on. These took me a combined total of about 6 hours over two different evenings. These are tiny twists, they're supposed to last a couple of weeks at least when you do them well, and can be put into pigtails and even cornrows and stuff if the hair is long enough. I'm thinking I'll try a much simpler style next time and see how that goes; these long long styling sessions are a little intimidating for me. I think I started with the hardest first. At least I got the whole head done this time, though. Right? :)


Sherpa said...

I love this style. Its so cute on little kids.

Nate and Rebecca said...

I am impressed that you keep trying such fancy stuff...I have never really gotten into hair styling and rarely wear my hair in anything but a pony tail. I would be at a loss if I were trying something like this.

merrilykaroly said...

Wow, that looks great!