Mar 18, 2008

typing test

84 words

Speed test

I da woman.

and without baby on lap:

91 words



Janell said...

I'm stunned that a baby on your lap only slows you down by a few words a minute! (I'm also very impressed you can even type with a baby on your lap. That's talent!)

Fern said...

Wow, I guess you weren't joking when you said (a few posts ago) that you were quick! What an understatement! In the words of Darth Vder "Most Impressive!"

NoSurfGirl said...

LOL, fern. Are you Darth vader to my luke skywalker, then?

Lucy Stern said...

Elder McConkie has the perfect voice for that video, very nice.

Wow, you are a speed demon with the keys, I could only dream of that many words per minute....

No Cool Story said...

I can type 34 wpm. I beat you! YAY!!