Jan 19, 2009

Pictures of Pornography: Men Marriage, and (not) Making Love

An utterly AMAZINIG post by a well-known blogger, Hugo Schwyzer. Go read this please, if you are married, and if you are either a man or a woman. :)

This post has inspired me to finish up my POP&LDS series.

disclaimer: Read the post, and then, if you want, read the comments... but I can't guarantee that the comments won't contain some offensive material; this site is about non-moderation (for the most part) and so sometimes there are things that would be offensive to some people. The post itself, though... wow. Entirely wonderful and celestial. And if you want to start a discussion over here too, I'm OK with trying to accommodate that.


Fern said...

I read the post and found it very insightful. It helped me get a new perspective toward the "average" guy. Fortunately, my man isn't average and so we have both been saved from this kind of turmoil. But it is good to know and understand that this can be a very real problem!

Putz said...

well, sarah that was a very very great talk by our new president...he struck at my heart strings and made me cry as much as i did with the movie marley and me...my two soft spots, dogs and dememocratic presidents...i hpe you are as excited as me, aned i hope you have much hope and don't get too bogged down in dpressive moments and other concrns that beset you, but that you will free youeself of all doubts and join in the future of hope....wow, what duid i say????i do believe it sarah

NoSurfGirl said...

Putz, I can only say Amen. I am completely stunned at the wonderfulness of our new president, and amazed that he knows exactly what we need to do, and so very glad that he has placed the responsibility for our nation where it belongs... on our shoulders.

Yes, I am excited, yes I'm on a huge high after listening to that. I'm so glad to be able to uphold and sustain someone that I believe has his heart in the right place and who really believes what he is saying.

Liz L said...

What a fabulous post - thanks for sharing. I think he really touches on a number of important issues about intimacy in marriage.

And about Obama's inaugural speech - so awesome. It was such a great day. If you didn't watch the entire ceremony, be sure to find video of the benediction. It was the best closing prayer I have ever heard - had me (and Mr. President) cracking up! Such a great time in the history of our country. Good things are happening.

Nathan and Rebecca Scott said...

Wow. That is a really insightful post...thanks for sharing.