Jun 19, 2009

More pictures

Here are a couple more recent pictures. ;) We're flying out July 22nd... driving out to the inlaws on July 17. That's less than a month away. I can't quite fathom it.

My parents are in China right now. Right this very minute, they are in another country, going about the process of adopting another child. My sister, Lou Juan. Here's my mother's blog. She plans on updating periodically during the three weeks they spend there. This is such an interesting, turbulent time for my whole family. I'm glad to be going through this experience with my Mother... we'll be doing this together. It is such an amazing blessing. We started our processes years apart, but we are ending up bringing our children home within a few weeks of each other. I have to say it must be foreordained, and God is guiding us in these processes, and my mother and I are meant to be a support to one another in this. I plan on calling her and venting and listening to her vent and figuring things out together. I'm so, so glad.

And I'm glad to have a new sister, too. It still hasn't quite sunk in: Lou Juan is my sister. Winna and May are my daughters.

This world is amazing.


Gerb said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful words.

Lucy Stern said...

Congradulations...I am so excited for the both of you.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely...the whole post including the pictures and the heartfelt comments. I'll be thinking and praying for you and your family as you slide into this next momentous period of your life.

Fred said...

Wow, I can feel the excitement on this end. Gorgeous girls, indeed.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I hope to one day adopt. You are doing an amazing thing for these girls.