Feb 20, 2010

Getting baby hungry

I actually am, now. Just in time. It's kind of nice, because usually during a pregnancy I feel impatient... waiting for the baby to get here. This time I've been so busy and somewhat overwhelmed at times, I haven't had much time to think about it. But lately things have slowed down out of necessity, and I've had more time to relax and really enjoy this child who is not born yet. And I can definitely say a few things about this baby:

She is a mover. Very active.

She is determined. Kicks me repeatedly if I get into a position she doesn't like... kicks continually harder as if to make a point, until I switch sides or change position.

She is not as sensitive to noise as my other babies were. Probably because the house is really noisy now and she's had to adapt.

She will be loved and adored by five little people who don't know exactly how to hold babies/be gentle/treat them carefully, and so she's going to be a tough girl.

SO, I'm getting baby hungry. A few months ago, while surfing the net for funny videos with some friends, we came upon this one. I thought it was HILARIOUS, while Skywalker and Dave thought I was insane. Well I am. It's called hormones. As an expectant mom, that rooting reflex is just an undeniable experience... this tiny little creature relentlessly looking for something to put in its mouth and suck to death. The fact that these baby boys found each other is just too, too hilarious to me.
So, all you hormonally crazy, baby-hungry moms out there: Enjoy.


David L said...

You forgot the link, but I remember the video... Yeah, it must be a mom thing because Courtney thought it was hilarious, too.

NoSurfGirl said...

Dave, it's on "enjoy"