May 25, 2010

Homeschooling Triumphs

We have day sometimes that are frustrating. And days that are triumphant. They seem to cluster for some reason, these triumphs. Today was a particularly triumphant day because:

1) Jaws is suddenly forming numbers that look like numbers, on her worksheets.
2) I have a new routine with MayMay and Jaws to learn all the sounds of their letters and it seems to be motivating MayMay in a way she wasn't motivated before. OF all my kids, she's my most reluctant learner. But now, she has only 6 letters left to learn, and Jaws has 1. THey both get lollipops when they learn them all... great motivator ;) Yes, I do bribe my kids... I also give them a treat every time they finish a school book (that includes the readers that Bella is doing)
3) Bella is learning some sight words and she remembered ALL the words from last time even though it's been a week (yes I've been slacking) since we did them last. And she started a new reader, and is continually reading more fluently. Today she also did all her half-hour time-telling correctly, and her counting money worksheet.
4) Loli did her to-the-minute clocks all correctly today, and also did her negatives worksheet completely right on the first try. Her cursive is looking good, too, and she's starting to go off and read books all by herself for fun. (yay!)

I just had to list them. Because I need to be able to go back and read these on the not-so-encouraging days.

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Putz said...

for a loolly pop, i would read war and peace