May 4, 2010

Things We Say

MayMay: Mom, when I'm mom I will have a baby and put on her white dress and she will be so cute and you will hold her.

NSG: That sounds good. I love babies.

Jaws: Mom, I will have babies someday.

NSG: After you're married.

Jaws: And I can find a husband I like and we can get married.

NSG: That's right. You can go to the temple with him and get married.

MayMay: And kiss on lips. It's OK Moms and Dads Kiss on lips.

Jaws: Princesses like to kiss on lips.

MayMay: That's only on movies. Not in REAL life!!

1 comment:

Putz said...

just mom and dad to kiss on the lips>>>i hope everyone in relief society understands that also