Feb 7, 2011

Update: the 'burg

The Move: Happened smoothly. Thanks to several enthusiastic young couples who willingly moved everything, including our insanely heavy upright piano.

The house: We love it, for what we need right now. It's gorgeous, painted beautifully, arched doorways, crown molding, wood floors, big kitchen, extra living room downstairs. A block from the grocery store. Three blocks from campus. A block from the library, tabernacle, and museum. Which says something about what we *wouldn't* like about it, if we were here permanently, but for now, it's perfect.

The house hunt: We're applying for loans, thinking of putting in an offer on a pretty neato duplex close to campus, and renting out the bottom. Also looking at land. A lot we looked at yesterday was close to 14 acres, walking distance from the beautiful, icy-blue, wide and winding snake river, and just an average hike away is a volcano, with gorgeous rock formations. There are several tall trees on the property. And a well. And irrigation rights. And it's within our price range. But we'll see... we're trying to look around and see what's out there.

The kids: MayMay and Jaws have started on their first elementary reader, and they are READING!! Bella is starting to be able to make out her math worksheets herself, and read fast, almost at a normal pace, and read books on her own. Loli is learning long division and writing more complex essays, and reading chapter book after chapter book. We're working on making friends... it's been put on the back burner in the face of everything else. Baby Rose is crawling with a vengeance.

The job: Skywalker loves it and is overwhelmed at the same time. Overwhelmed in a good way... lots of work to do, but of the sort he's great and and has always wanted to do. Everybody there loves him already, and he's made a huge dent in a three-year-long project that really wasn't getting anywhere, and was supposed to be wrapped up by THIS May. So... deadlines, race to the finish, and then if he does great at that, I think we're talking about him having a big influence at the I, as far as online communication and web development is concerned. Which is what he wants. And I'm very happy for him... it's so wonderful to see him come home with light in his eyes instead of a defeated look.

The 'burg: It's like being at EFY. Very interesting atmosphere here... sweet. Simple. Spiritual to the extreme. The temple looks like a diamond at the top of the hill, a reminder always. Most everything here is rurual, mildly rolling or flat, but cut through and crisscrossed by gorgeous, lazy bends of river. I want to learn fly-fishing. Courtney, you want to? Take a class at the Y. Or if you already know how, that's great. I say we take some "girl" time when you guys visit and go on an annual fishing trip (after I learn).

Me: Well. Exciting news: I won a couple of writing contests, which I will link to when the winners are announced. I've also been told I may be published in Dialogue, the LDS Magazine. I feel like my writing goals are just over the horizon. Just there. So close. I can taste it.
I have slightly fallen out of the exercizing habit.
Skywalker is my best friend... I have realized this more keenly lately. And my kids are my joy. Even though they make me crazy at times. We've grown closer as a family, leaps and bounds. I guess adventure does that to a family.
I want to get to the temple soon, but it's closed until after February 14 (what! The temple's not open on Valentine's day, to fulfill every Rexburgian's favorite choice in Valentine's Day activity? How could they?)

I tried to go to critique group and got hopelessly lost and extremely frustrated and turned around and came back and *almost* cried out of the sheer frustration of isolation.

THe sushi at the grocery store is passable. And unfortunately too expensive.

I made an extremely delicious potato-red-onion chowder the other night... It was astounding and completely accidental. Will post the recipe soon.

And... that's all for now.


Mendenhallbear said...

No, don't know how to fly fish, but I'm pretty good with a standard rod and reel.

Would we go after salmon or trout?

michele said...

What great news!! I hope you guys continue to love it there. I would love to see that recipe. :)

the quirky one in the family said...

That is so good to hear for your guys! I'm glad everyone is enjoying it there, and it sounds beautiful! I'm also looking forward to seeing your chowder recipe!

Putz said...

our good ole sahra, i could have written that piece for you "the burg" not one , no not even one surprising item<><><>once you get all spiritual and used to the*)*(i^ytio&$ weather YOU WILL BE JUST FINE<<><>SO CLOSE TO CELESTIALIZED LIVING EVEN MORE THAN PROVO<><><>oooops i didn't say that, my mike is in mayfield utar, so be thank ful<><><>they have to travel 15 miles to get close to a molewart<><>drop into my blog for my recent picture><><love the putz

NoSurfGirl said...

RE chowder: Will post it soon. I've been trying to keep from poring over computer screens for an hour or two a day, since I broke the habit out of necessity, and if I only do the writing stuff, that's still an hour or so of screen time. Sigh. I think it's a losing battle... half of our lives are on the internet nowadays.

Courtney: See, that's why I need you. You're so practical. And you actually know stuff. Far as I'm concerned, all I know is that we won't be catching any Mahi Mahi. I don't think.

Seriously, though, there's a town called "salmon" somewhere close to here, so I think there must be some. I wonder, can you eat freshwater salmon the same way as saltwater, does it taste the same? And get as big? Do you use a net, when catching big fish?

All the things I suppose I ought to find out before wading out into the snake river.

Sherpa said...

Glad to hear the move went well!

Mendenhallbear said...

Yeah, you can eat fresh water salmon. As to the size, I'm not sure. Yes, you will need a net. (Even with smaller fish, it helps to have something to grab them with, other than your bare hands.)

A lot of the fish have protected seasons, times of the year when you must release them if you catch one, so we'll have to find out what is having an open season when we get the fishing license.

What you decide to go after will dictate the type of fishing line as well as the lures or flies that you use.

Putz said...

hey can i still talk to you WHEN you are a famous writer?????????????

Putz said...

yoou don/t blog enough to blow a parrokeets nose