Oct 3, 2011

politicians and heart/brain transplants

I was talking at Skywalker last night. He was tired, blinking, watching me as I spoke. Sometimes this happens. Especially when I've just read some political news or commentary, and feel like I need to vent..

I was telling Skywalker last night that the best president for now would (in my opinion, if he were actually electable again) probably be Clinton. As in Bill, not HIllary, because as much as we'd like to extrapolate they'd do the same things while in office, they are two different people.

Bill Clinton is still a hiss and by-word amongst conservatives because of the scandal he had while in office. I'm not talking about the sex, I'm talking about the lying to congress thing. Oh yeah, that thing.

The thing is, Clinton somehow balanced the budget. (he knew how!)Clinton invented the concept of "pay as you go" bills. He believed in a balanced budget. And he succeeded at it.

And his foreign policy also didn't suck, like Bush's and almost every other conservative pundit out there. (Sorry. Duck and covering here.)

So, I told Skywalker, you know, if a president could be elected to a third term, I'd probably want Clinton in office right now. He's got the werewithall to take us out of BOTH our crises--foreign and domestic. He doesn't believe money is a pretend thing you can fling around. He did NOT push hillary-care on an unwilling legislative branch the way Obama steamrolled Obama-care.

The problem?

Yeah. He's a scary, scary man. (Sorry, Clinton lovers.) As someone who has dealt with a lot of liars and decievers (not just in my previous marriage... I worked in a residential treatment facility with hundreds of patients who had personality disorders, so I know about brilliant liars. Sorry, those of you out there with personality disorders, I know you're not ALL like that.)

Clinton was and is a brilliant liar and deciever. He's so charming. He puts you at ease so easily. He makes you think he's lovable, easygoing, a live-and-let live kind of guy. But all that masks an intellect like a steel trap and an all-consuming, anything-goes drive to suceed. He thought he'd get away with lying to congress... that, to me, means he has no conscience or accountability. He only came clean when he knew his hand was in that proverbial cookie jar, and then he did it with such charm that people in my hippie hometown were "aw" ing and comparing him to robert redford.

Remind me again why Nixon is the historically most hated president?

Oh yeah... he did exactly the same thing.

Except he's not a brilliant liar. He's a rather clumsy liar. APparently, America hates a clumsy liar.

It scared me; in fact, right after I said it (to skywalker--that Clinton would be my choice if he were available right now), my heart immediately sank. Because it made me realize that I've turned a complete 180... from voting for someone whose heart I love, who is idealistic, honest, who does what he does because he believes in it and not because he is trying to please people, who has family values and charity and compassion...

to voting for someone who could get the job done, but who I know is pretty much a sociopath.

And then I told Skywalker, "I wish that I could take Obama's heart and put it in Mitt Romney's body. Well, that sounds racist, kind of. Maybe I wish I could take Mitt Romney's left-brain, and put it in Obama's body."

Or... maybe we should all just vote for Ron Paul.

But more on that later :)


David L said...

I will NEVER believe that you'd even consider Ron Paul.... :-)

Although, I'm fast leaning more in that direction. I despise Obama more than words can describe, although idiot, pitiful, and incompetent come readily to mind. I like Romney but recognize some the things that may just make him unelectable. I do like Paul, but I worry about some of his far-right feelings that will also make him unelectable.

Sigh... Isn't it too early to care about all this yet?

Anthony D said...

Everything Dave said...except for the never voting for Ron Paul comment...it's never too late to repent. ;)
I've never seen a more consistently principled politician than Ron Paul. That's something this country seriously needs. Sure he's far right, but the president of the US isn't a dictator position, it's a position of leadership and influence.