May 1, 2013

Writing the Dark Stuff

As some who've read Lightning Tree know, I write about controversial issues in LDS history, but I have worked hard to keep my storytelling about the main story--about the journey my main character takes, and if historical events come into play they come through the eyes of my character, and they are relevant only in how they affect my character. In Lightning Tree, Maggie, my main character, was a child when the Mountain Meadows Massacre happened. At the time, it was not a topic discussed openly among those who she would have known and associated with. I don't portray it specifically except in her dreams and flashbacks, which reflect her worries about Pa Alden, who *was* involved with Mountain Meadows--how much, she doesn't know until the story is nearly done.

(This article orginally appears on my professional writing blog... if you're interested in reading more go here. (bratty of me, I know.) :)

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