Oct 19, 2006

An experiment in wheatgrass

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NoSurfGirl said...

sorry bout those wierd html strings-- I can't figure out how to get rid of them without ruining the whole post.

Lucy Stern said...

Looks like your wheat grass was a success. Are you clipping off the tops and blending it in with a smoothie?

Have you ever tried using the wheat just when the wheat grass starts to grow in home made bread? It is very good for you and makes some really good bread.

Sherpa said...

I love wheatgrass for purely aesthetic reasons.

NoSurfGirl said...

I also think wheatgrass is really pretty... and I noticed when skywalker and I went to a showcase of the newly-built homes in our area that it's increasingly being used as decor.
Fake wheatgrass.


Lucy-- yes. we're doing it in our green drinks. Is there something about only the tops? I did the whole strand. Also, Loli loves to nibble on it, which is funny.

About bread-- I'd love to, but don't have a wheat grinder yet. That's one of my first goals for after we get this whole adoption thing taken care of-- right now we're trying to keep living as starving college students.

Food storage is in my mind, a lot, too...

Lucy Stern said...

The church is working in conjunction with K-Tec to sell wheat grinders. Go to your Cannery and ask to see the information on the electric one and the hand grinder. We have a code that we can use to purchase the grinders at a reduced price. The hand grinder is the best made one that I have seen in a long time. It only costs around $59.00 to $69.00 and would be a wonderful way to get a grinder for your wheat.