Oct 6, 2006

Secret Garden, indeed

So, I decided to divide some (I think they're Irises) that are growing in the yard today, and look what I dug up! Holy Crocuses (actually, I am pretty sure they're irises) Batman!!

And then I weeded out the crumbling stone urns that are placed hither and thither among the somewhat overgrown foliage, and one of them was an ants nest!!! With wierd lookin' white chrisulises (chrisuli? Chrisulae?) and everything. EEEWW. I hope they don't eat my tulip bulbs.


Anonymous said...

Hm. I thought Crocuses(?) and Irises(?) were the same thing. Then again, my flower distinctions pretty much break down to "lots of petals," "fewer petals," roses, daisies, and dandelion.

Yup, that's a secret garden. I guess come spring you'll know what they are!

Maren said...

They look like they could be irises. I had so many in my garden and they really spread. No, not the same thing as Crocuses--lol. Happy gardening!

texasblu said...

Oh I hope they don't eat your tulips either.... I adore tulips!

Fred said...

They do look like irises. (Iris looks funny plural.)

We have to be on the constant lookout for ants down here. They're a royal pain.