Oct 28, 2006

Listen to Jer

Jeremy Blanchard - I Won't Go Away

My extremely cool highschool (class of '98) classmate, and seminary buddy.

Ain't he good?


officerockstar said...

Hey NoSurf,
I didn't realize you had a blog, or should I say blogs either. I need some clarification as to why you have a total of six blogs.
Thanks for posting my song on your blog.
There will be even better ones up soon.

NoSurfGirl said...

Rockstar-- you're an unreformed tease.

about the six-- I guess I tried to put all the different types of interests into different blogs, but it ended up backfiring. ANd so now, this one blog is a conglomerate of everything.

But the ninthgrademolly one is my attempt at fiction writing, and the grood stuff has some of my poetry. So there ya go.

I'm excited for your new songs.