Jan 10, 2007

All about Jaws

Jaws is my little 8 month old. Her name stems from her precocious acquirement of teeth. And yes, I'm still nursing her. I'd like a hand, ladies and gentlemen.

Jaws is precocious in other ways, too. She was active from day 1. She didn't fuss too much as a newborn, but she'd wiggle a lot-- to express excitement, displeasure, or just to get attention. She has continued this trend. At 5 months, she sat alone. At 6 1/2, she was crawling a little. Now, she crawls ferociously, at a rate of about 8 feet per second, it seems. Right now, she's experimenting with

and getting very good at it.

Did I mention that she's a munchkin? She's a short little thing, but she's nice and round. We like her that way-- she's a very happy baby.

She's also very social. She loves her sister

And cousins

and dad .

She's also a very helpful child. Her helpful endeavors range from rearranging the spanish moss in our potted plants (and thoughtfully consuming some nutritious dietary fiber so that mom doesn't have to mess with solid foods too much) (just kidding) to toilet plunging (that's a new plunger, btw)

to driving the car.

We're gonna have to start charging her for gas.


noelle feather said...


Soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Lucy Stern said...

Wow, she's a cutie! I had a "jaws" with my middle child and I had to stop nursing her at seven months...she just wouldn't stop biting and I got paranoid every time she went for a drink....It is interesting to stop nursing cold turkey, it causes other problems...you know what I mean.

Maren said...

She is so cute! Both girls are darling. What fun.

Anonymous said...

You're daughters are completely blessed with your good genetics. =) You'd better make sure Skywalker has a sufficient bat with which to drive off boys in the future!

Anonymous said...

she's a cute, cute little girl.