Jan 14, 2007

Why I love Skywalker

So, Last night, (don't worry, this doesn't get TMI) Skyalker and I went to the adult session of stake conference.

We brought Loli and Jaws with us, as we had no babysitter (our babysitting quota having been used this week for the purposes of temple attendance. So we went to the primary room and listened in there while Jaws and Loli chased each other around the room (crawling. Jaws is getting pretty fast by the way, especially when she's playing a tag game with Loli-- that little bundle's got fierce competitive drive, let me tell you).

Anyway, in the middle of conference, I looked up at the ceiling of the primary room and saw the outlines of glow-in-the-dark star stickers all over it. So I called Loli to me and said in a hushed voice, "Loli, want to see something really cool?"


I flicked the lights off, and her eyes went round at the starry constellations above us.

And then Skylalker spread a blanket on the floor, and all four of us lay down on it and looked up at them. It felt like we were outside (except, instead of being a killer 6 degrees, it was a nice, warm 78).

We stargazed during Stake Conference. And he didn't care, and I didn't care, and even if someone came in the room and saw us, neither of us would have cared.

That's why I love Skywalker.

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Margaret said...

That is a REALLY good reason. :)