Jan 24, 2007

milestone pictures

Here are some of my favorite serial pictures from our last round:

Here's another-- this is a real milestone for Jaws. She was so jubilant the other day, when she found that if she stretched herself as faaaaaaar as possible, she could just get to the keys.

This last one, I got in the mail today. I can't say too much about it, I'm too scared to really speculate at this point. But I thought I should post it, just to chronicle what either may the beginning of something fantastic, or just a nice little notch in my belt of experience as a would-be author.

Cross your fingers for me.


Anonymous said...

Jaws smiling at the camera is my fave.

Covenant? Good luck! Very exciting news.

Lucy Stern said...

such adorable girls...Your piano looks like mine..

BarBarA said...

OH my gosh! They are too cute for words! Thanks for brightening my day with those happy little faces :)

Maren said...

They are darling. I love the pics. And good luck with Covenant. That is awesome.

texasblu said...

Those pics are wonderful - their smiles are so sunny. :)

Good luck with the book - that is AWESOME.