Sep 11, 2007

Ha ha-- fun trick

Soooo, Janell did this fun thing on her blog and I'm copying her. I type my first name followed by the word "needs" all together in quotes and see what the search engine comes up with. After paging through several pages of other blogs with women who share my name that have done this, I randomly chose page 17 of the search results because 17 is my lucky number. And here the list is, in all its glory (with my name replaced by my usual alias, of course):

1)The physiological tests proved beyond doubt that Nosurfgirl "needs" her carnitine. (Tour de France, here I come!)

2)Nosurfgirl needs to become self-dependent. We know what is going to happen when she mixes it up with Stillson. (Whoo hoo! Skywalker, are you reading this?)

3)Nosurfgirl needs to lighten up and dig deeper musically to keep me as a fan. (Hmm. Well I haven't blogged any social responsibility moments lately, does that count for something?)

4)Nosurfgirl needs to learn to deal with the small remnants of memories she has of another life. (I think I was Cleopatra. Or maybe Susan B Anthony.)

5)I think Nosurfgirl needs your prayers. (She does.)

6)Nosurfgirl) needs surgery in the morning (neutering) (AAAAck. There's something really wrong here, then.)

7)"Nosurfgirl needs to know about everything, and then has to know why everything is that way -- then she usually wants to change it," (Hmmm. Ok, well. Maybe.)

8)For now, Nosurfgirl's needs should be your focus. (That's right.)

9)Nosurfgirl needs your help to get elected to the Senate. (Vote for me in 2008.)

10) Nosurfgirl needs a belt because the dress is just hanging on her, without form. (It must be quite the tent, then... this basketball is not easily disguisable.)

1 comment:

Janell said...

I think it's just as fun to read other people's lists as it was to run my own ^-^

I'll vote for you =)