Sep 19, 2007

lost in the neighborhood

Today I took a walk with my kids, took them to a little playground several blocks from my house. I ended up trying a short cut on the way back, wound myself around several little side streets, and ended up back on the same road that we took going out. The playground is maybe five blocks from my house. It took us 45 minutes to get back home.

My poor little 5 year old has flip-flop blisters.

Seriously. What would my pioneer ancestors think of me if they knew I got lost in my own neighborhood?


Janell said...

They would note that they were walking in a fairly straight direction on a trail forged by those who'd gone on before. You weren't walking in a straight line and weren't following a defined path. Way to go you, you great explorer you! ;)

Now, about the lack of proper footwear for an unplanned 45 min trek. . . poor Loli.

Sherpa said...

They would be so completely amazed by your little girls flip flops that they would forget to admonish you. Seriously, flip-flops are that cool.

NoSurfGirl said...

true. Especially Loli's flip flops, which are bubble-gum pink. Poor girl, she won't be wearing them again for a little while.

texasblu said...

Sorry about the flip flops - is she recovering well?

I can relate to getting lost - I think it's easier to do in our urban jungles than we think. Everything looks the same... :(