Sep 28, 2007

Prayers for Mohammed

This is one of those things where I ask you to do whatever it is you do-- pray, exert positive energy, cross your fingers-- whatever, for the sake of someone really special.

Mohammed was featured on 60 minutes, and later, after he was adopted and brought here to America, on dateline.

Cheryl adopted him.

She saw a rerun of the sixty-minute episode, and as she watched, she suddenly had a strong feeling that this boy was her son.

It was a pioneer effort. She wrote to senators and congressman, tried talking to agencies, and they all told her to give up. Finally, one Senator agreed to help her. One of his aides brought Cheryl's letter to his attention. Later, the aide told Cheryl that the letter had made her cry.

Cheryl adopted Mohammed and brought him to America. He underwent several surgeries to fix the significant physical problems that he had. Among them,hip and spine deformities, a club foot that he tried to treat himself, and several forms of malaria. He never complained during recovery. He said that having food in his stomach and water to drink was enough to be grateful for.

Cheryl didn't stop there, and neither did Mohammed.

This is the agency I am working with. I have talked on the phone with Mohammed a few times. Talking with him, you can just feel what a person he is. And having read about his life, I know that his patience and his kindness, and his intelligence, his maturity (no doubt gained at a young age) make him a very special person, someone who is meant to do something in this world.

Right now he is struggling for health. His weight has dropped to a dangerous level, he is feverish, and his heart is giving out on him. They don't know what's wrong.

He was admitted to the hospital yesterday.

And so, if you could say a prayer for him and his family. Cheryl, of course, could use some comfort and peace during this difficult time, too.


Maren said...

I will pray for him.

Lucy Stern said...

Maybe you could put his name on the temple rolls....I'll pray for him...

NoSurfGirl said...

that's a good idea, Lucy...

we haven't been to the temple in a few months, so we really ought to get out there!! I wonder... are they requiring the barcode at this point, because I still need to update my reccommend...