Oct 27, 2007

Facebook woes...

I wish people wouldn't flirt shamelessly on facebook using SuperPoke. Because every one of your friends gets notified every time one of their friends SuperPokes someone else.

Seriously, I don't want to know every time one of my friends throws a sheep at, moons, or offers beer to someone else. It was fun while it lasted guys, but...

I'm done.

I do, however, think that the application Pirates Vs Nijas is very useful. Unfortunately I accidentally signed up as a Ninja when CLEARLY I am pirate material, so now i must convert ten people to my Ninja army so I can make the switch. Any takers?

And where, some of you may ask, do you find time for these sorts of vital actitives when you clearly have more important things to do? (Like make little sandwiches for your kids and fold socks, for instance?)

Lightning fingers, friends. Lightning fingers. Facebook updates are a matter of seconds when you've got the goods. And bloggetry, too. You may notice that I don't spell check a whole lot of my blog entries... this is efficiency and multi-tasking in its purest form.


Maren said...

I just watched your clip from the Onion. Too funny. My husband watched it with me too. We both laughed. Thanks.

Janell said...

1) Alter the notification/news settings

2) Remove the app and then sign up again

3) When you're sitting in class and bored. Er. When you're bored? Er. Um. That would be "never" then. Sorry -_-;

4) More power to you!

NoSurfGirl said...

Oh, Janell. I get bored. Believe me. I just usually don't have access to a computer when I'm bored. Usually it's when I'm folding socks or reading the Cat in the Hat to my eighteen-month old for the fourth time.

I never thought about changing notifications!

Good idea. Except, I really do think I'm done with superpoke. I've thrown two cows, given two drinks, and cast a spell... I've fulfilled all of my SuperPoke ambitions.

I'm sort of making fun of myself about the typing thing. Just to let you know I"m not bragging. Or at least, not meaning to brag. I really admire people who take the itme to spell check. I'm just too impatient. Either that, or my eighteen-month-old is throwing the Cat in the Hat repeatedly at my head and kicking my laptop keyboard with her feet in an effort ot get my attention. :)