Oct 29, 2007

Update on Covenant...

So I checked in with them by email the other day. They wrote back saying the the review of my manuscript is taking a lot longer than anticipated, and I should hopefully hear from them as to their decision within a few weeks.

I'm trying to take this as good news (why would they spend so much time if they weren't planning on accepting my book) but a piece of me is dreading what I think may be an extensive and full revision. If, for instance, they decided for me to switch the perspective of my story from first person present to say, first person past or third person present, holy cow.

I would do it, of course. But dang it! Well, Ok. fine. Being an author is hard work, and I ought to expect hard work, right?

Well, at any rate, this experience has been VERY good for me. And while they may still reject my book, at least I will get some extremely valuable feedback on my writing at the end of all this, which is almost as good as getting published. And they'll be aware of me in future, and more willing to consider any manuscript that I may send in.

So already I'm happy, grateful, ecstatic, etcetera.

I can put off my nail biting for another three weeks, too. That's also good.


Janell said...

I'm excited for you! Put the young'uns down for naps (if possible), find some chocolate, and take a moment to congratulate yourself =)

Janell said...

PS. I just noticed you took down your genealogy blog. Sadness!

NoSurfGirl said...

I didn't exactly take it down... I just am not displaying it at this point... I don't want to confuse people who come across my profile by giving them six blogs to choose from...

plus, I never change that one. IT's a testimony to my lack of geneological pursuit... at this point. :)

Sherpa said...

Hey, you're book is being considered. That's awesome.

Jayne said...

Me again. MarlaJayne. I'm not sure why my avatar stopped showing up, but I'll reload it later.

I fervently hope that your book gets published! I went to a writer's conference this weekend and learned so much beneficial information. For instance, you're being very smart when you say that you'll revise whatever the editor advises you to do. One of the things that was stressed on Saturday is that the editors plan to make some money on your book, so you need to listen to them. They wouldn't tell you things to do as just "busy work." Another thing I learned is that writers always support other writers so I'll be lined up to buy a copy when it comes out.

My last book was self-published, mainly because I didn't want to send out a thousand queries and wait, wait, wait for rejection letters. I only sent it to Deseret and Cedar Fort before giving up. I can't remember what Deseret's letter said, but Cedar Fort said that even though they liked the writing, they mainly published PhDs who taught at BYU or mission presidents or General Authorities. The book is non-ficion, and that makes a difference.

I'm not going to go on and and on and on about this. I'm happy with the way things turned out for me and am now working on shorter pieces and thinking about a book on love and relationships...all sorts of relationships. Since I teach psychology, I keep thinking that there must be a way to combine psychology with spiritual truths.

Again, good luck. I believe that if you have a story to tell, then there's someone out there who wants to read it. Never give up!

NoSurfGirl said...


Thank you for the advice! I'm really gearing up for the feedback I'm going to get... I'm going to expect extensive revisions, just so that it's not a hard hit when it happens. You're right... thanks for pointing out that I want my book to sell, and they know how to sell it.

Just to let you know, I sent mine to Deseret, Shadow Mountain, and Cedar fort... turned down by all of them. And at Covenant, even, I was tabled for seven months before they re-considered my manuscript. :) It's a process, it's a process.

I'd LOVE to get your info about the writer's conference.

Jayne said...

Hi, Just a quick comment to let you know that the email I sent to what I thought was your address came back undelivered. If you send it to me at bowersj55@hotmail.com, I'll be happy to share all the good stuff I learned.

For starters, I've realized that blogging takes me away from doing the type of writing I want to do (the kind that gets published), so I'm going to discipline myself to work on a "project" a little every day.