Oct 6, 2007


So, this is pretty silly of me, but...

sometimes I look for recipes on the internet. Completely untried, untrue recipes, because my better homes and garden cookbook can be stingy sometimes. Meaning, too healthy when I want to make something completely unhealthy. My philosophy is, if you're gonna eat cookies, you'd better eat really really delicious buttery sugary chocolatey cookies, and not dry, crumbly, tastless cookies, even if that recipe is more 'healthy'. Because it won't staunch your cookie craving, and you'll keep making it over and over and get more and more dissatisfied.

Anyway, so sometimes I look for recipes for the most simple things on the internet.
Pizza dough, cookies, pancakes, pumpkin bread... and today, waffles. And this is really funny. In order to get a recipe I hope is really good, I type the word "delicious" into the search engine. So today I searched for a "delicious Waffle" recipe. Lol. ANyway, the search engine always pulls up a ton of results, and I sift through them, looking to see if I can find one that seems more delicious than the others. As we all know, this is a hopeless endeavor unless you have someone who has made it and can reccomend it; stars don't mean anything.

In the end, I've found, I always land on one strategy: the addition of the word "grandma's" in the title.

My grandma is an amazing cook. Always has been. I have just come to expect deliciousness when I sit at her table. And so I think it's subconscious.

So today, we're trying grandma's waffles. I'm hopeful.

Just to let you know, Grandma's pumpkin bread is delicious but Grandma's banana bread lacks flavor. (not real grandma's, internet grandma's. If you're reading this, grandma, please don't be offended.)


Janell said...

I haven't tried the "grandma's" strategy to identifying tasty recipes. Through experience I have learned anything listed on the internet as "Amish" isn't half as good as what the Amish make. This may have something to do with the Amish don't run around putting their grandmother's recipes online. . .

Anyway! I pull most of my recipes from allrecipes.com based on the number of reviews it has an what are rated as the "most helpful" reviews. Only about one out of ten recipes I've used from there have truly disappointed me.a

Janell said...

Good luck with Covenant! Break a pencil or something. Be sure to post whatever happens as soon as you process whatever happens!

texasblu said...
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texasblu said...

I deleted my comment because I didn't like my wording - it sounded all wrong. If you get comments via email, I'm sorry - I didn't mean to offend, I forget not everyone has read Charlotte Mason and understands what I mean by that termanology.

Here's the gist of what I wanted to say:

I second allrecipes.com - great site. recipesource.com is good too.

Never heard of a chic flik book - guess I'm out of it.

:) I'll write up the suggestions for children's classics tomorrow.