Oct 28, 2008

another perspective on same-sex marriage

another very good argument expressing why we need to protect marriage.


Putz said...

ok ok, so i agree

merrilykaroly said...

I read a little of this post... very interesting point!!

I just wanted to come on here in response to what you wrote on your Facebook profile. I'm sorry that people get so stressed and emotional and personal around election time!

I actually really, really appreciate the way you comment on my blog (and respond to my comments on other blogs)-- you are always very polite about my opinions, and never rude. You never try and force your opinions onto others AND you always seem to be thinking about the things I'm saying, even if you don't agree with them! I really want you to know that I appreciate that. It's something I've admired about you, that some other people don't seem as able to do.

So thank you.

I understand that it probably starts feeling personal when people you love seem to be treating you like you are wrong and not letting you have your own point of view.

I did want to add that I don't think your aunts were attacking you or trying to make you feel bad (which I'm sure you already knew!)-- like you said, everyone is just getting so anxious so close to the election :) and in our anxiety sometimes we can start to think that someone else just has to see things our way!

Here's hoping for a better America for the next four years!!

NoSurfGirl said...

Thanks, Adelle! I probably over-reacted, too... It was just so much! Each of those things brought up seemed like it might take a 2 hour discussion to bring about mutual understanding... and i was worried about it descending into the ugliness that actually I really don't like... the partisan back and forthness. :)

I appreciate that you veiw me that way... I think you are a very good example of what you have described, as well. Too bad we can't run together as president and Vp or become congresswomen or something. We'd put people in time out for silly arguments. :)

merrilykaroly said...

Haha! I could never be a politician! I think you'd be awesome though.

I was just thinking about my mother and how she would probably feel bad if she knew that you felt bad. I know she'd never intentionally do something like that!

I know what you mean about issues taking a lot of time to discuss. That reminds me of what your mother wrote on her blog a while ago-- about how she would only want to campaign for Prop 8 if she had time to sit down with people and discuss it at length!

P.S. I came to your house on Tuesday (I was locked out of ours for 3 hours!) and knocked a couple times. I guess it's good that we didn't get to visit though if your kids have the chicken pox! Although it is tempting to expose jr. before he gets too much older...

NoSurfGirl said...

I'm so sorry! We were probably either sleeping or gone, or something... I never hear knocking. Next time try just coming in... people have learned I can't hear through my walls well enough.

But on the other hand, GLAD you didn't come in and get exposed... yes JR is a little young. Squirt is also a little young, but handling it OK desite that... but yeah. Pretty miserable :(