Nov 5, 2008

Facebook on Election Day

Nosurfgirl’s compilation of today’s facebook status updates..

... is happy prop 8 will most likely pass.

…is a little nervous about having democrats control the house, senate and presidency...where are the checks and balances?


…is God bless America! I'm glad neither candidate left God out of it:)

…is disconnecting herself for the day. Well.. except to check on Prop 8... you Californians like to make things interesting and close, eh?

…is ready for longer recesses and more candy in the vending machines!

…just put an extra blanket on her bed 'cause it's so cold... and is super worried about prop 8.

…loves her country! I just wish I could've been in Grant Park tonight!

…is feeling inspired.

…is sad McCain lost...but hopeful Obama can live up to the 'hype.'

…is in awe. "But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree." THAT is why I voted for him!

…is happy that prop 102 definition of marriage passed in AZ and hopes that PROP 8 in CA passed also!

…is so happy right now...


…is not ready for the constitution to be torn to shreds, but looks like she doesn't have a choice.

…Going to bed early.

…voted. Exciting.

Feel free to post yours. :)

I love this feeling... even though it's been emotional, a real roller coaster for everyone, I'm so glad I live in a country where everyone has a voice, and nobody is persecuted for stating their feelings.


NoSurfGirl said...

Nosurfgirl is feeling conflicted... very happy about the outcome, moved by O's speech, and also sad that so many of her friends and family are feeling dissappointed. Especially her grandma. Nosurfgirl is worried about her Grandma.

Putz said...

amd shelley and lucy and tony and karma and gucci girl in montana, and maybe sherpa's family although i am not sure about sherpa, andvegas 911, and mike, and steve and david on your blog, and shell and tony and the sniper out my front i dare leave the house?????

Lucy Stern said...

…is not ready for the constitution to be torn to shreds, but looks like she doesn't have a choice.

Hope it doesn't happen....

merrilykaroly said...

Is that Grandma B????

What a super cool post! My status was "voted."

But now it should read:

"knows she will need to respect the new president of the U.S.A. and is having a difficult time with it"

NoSurfGirl said...

Yes. G.B. was pretty worked up about it the day before... I emailed her back and forth and she seems to be doing better now.

merrilykaroly said...

This is a really cool link that I think you might like. I really agree with what he is saying here, and want to do it. What do you think?

Putz said...

i sure hope big o won't get the blame for our tanked just isn't his falut

Anonymous said...

I especially like your last sentence. It's so wonderful to live in this choice land and to have the opportunity to vote with our fellow (and sister) Americans every four years. The election day that really reinforced that for me was in 1984 when I was beginning to get impatient and annoyed at having to stand in line for so long. I had finally made myself into the library where the voting was to take place, and I picked up a book of photographs of people in concentration camps in Germany. The juxtaposition of their lives and mine was startling. I vowed at that moment to NEVER complain about standing in line to vote again. Ah, freedom...and the good old USA!

NoSurfGirl said...


I read that transcript. Very, very cool. I have to say that I could never ever feel disrespectful of someone's opinions if they truly felt that way about America, and supporting the president.

Of course, I shouldn't feel disrespectful of ANYONE's opinions ever, but I'm not quite that mature yet. I felt new respect for Glenn Beck after reading that.