Nov 9, 2008

Words that come out of my mouth

This week.

Just me:

"uh oh! Did you gag yourself with pony legs?"

"No pooping on the stairs. Only in the potty."

"Don't eat bubbles. Bubbles are not food."

"Snakes don't live inside. They live outside. They won't come in your bed,I promise."

"Please don't use mommy's shoulder. Use kleenex."

"The baby was using the lawnmower. Wait your turn."

"Please don't hammer people."

"Are you my little sunset sweetie?"

"Take your clothes upstairs and PUT THEM IN THE DRAWER not on the floor NEATLY don't just stuff them in and THEN you can have lunch!"

"Please don't be a kitty right now. Kitties can't do math."


"Would you like to mop the floor?" (Both girls answer): "Yeah!!!!" (Jaws): "Can I do the scrubbing?"

(Jaws): Canniwatch, Cuyus Jodge?" "No. We've already seen curious George once today. We've already SEEN IT! NO MORE CURIOUS GEORGE!"

"OK. I'll give you two of my cookies. Just two each, OK?" (Loli gives me a kindly look): "OK, Mom."

Nonononono. Nononono. (Squirt): Nananana. Nanana!

"That's a really cool fairy house. Is that the one we made together?" (Loli): "No. I made it. It's better than yours, mom... it's staying up."

(Loli): "Mom, why are you brushing your teeth?" "I'm going to a meeting." "Oh. And you have to look as pretty as you possibly can?"


Putz said...

pretty aws you Posibly not that pretty just as much AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN

Sherpa said...

You're a good mom.

NoSurfGirl said...

Thank you. That made my day.

I'm not always the nicest mom, but I do my best. WE all do our best.

Fern said...

It's so funny the things we find ourselves saying now that we're moms. They're almost as funny as the things the kids say... almost.

merrilykaroly said...

Those are hilarious. I tried to pick my favorite but couldn't. They're funny!

Lucy Stern said...

Any new home remedies?

Cami said...

Those are SO funny! I love it! :)