Nov 13, 2008

Seriously reaching...

Is it just me, or have there been extremely awful commercials on TV lately? Either completely weird, or laughably silly dialogue, or just... obscenely illogical promises. Here are my favorites:

courtesy of Dave:

another, courtesy of the Nice one.


The feminist in me is tempted to get angsty about this one... but it's just so dumb, I laugh intsead. I just can't muster that feminist agnst.

I have taken this one down due to (very legitimate) complaints and instead created a link. Watch it if you want to, but my advice is only watch the first five seconds or so of it... it gets pretty weird and disturbing. The worst part is one of the girls using his chocolate belly button to fondue a strawberry... it looks much worse, though.

Odd, disturbing, and... somehow vaguely racist? Maybe that's just my white guilt talking.

This one made me laugh out loud, the first three times I saw it. I wish I had the dialogue written down somewhere. I could use it in a future story or something. But it's not worth the trouble of transcribing.

There are plenty more. If you guys know of any, I"ll look them up on Youtube and add them to this post. Haha. It's so much more fun to make fun of American consumerism than to get angry about it...


Putz said...

absolutely none of them turned me anyway but loose...look at obama's 83 day agenda on sherpa right now...don't wait right now...even a obama fan will rore out loud...did you see tony's comment on my blog...that wasn't as cute as sherpa's blog go right now

Lucy Stern said...

I didn't like the chocolate man at all, where did they come up with that idea? It turned in off completely.

I actually liked the Hyatt commerical.

NoSurfGirl said...

yeah... the chocolate man commercial completely shocked me first time I saw it. I guess the shock wears off. Sorry if I offended. The hyat was fine up until "thank you, thank you, thank you..." taking it a bit too far, IMO. Plus... gosh. it's such a commentary on what we as americans have come to expect. The asian-looking man bowing at the end pretty much topped it off.

Sigh. OK. I think it's lost it's funnyness, now, and I'm just feeling angsty..

the nice one said...

the nice one said...

i was hoping it would be a link not just the address. anyhow this is a little disturbing!

David L said...


--The Swedish Fish one was weird.
--I laughed out loud at the Hungry Man one. Hope that doesn't make me anti-feminist or something.
--The chocolate one was way too sexual and disturbing for my taste. And yes, I think you're being hyper-sensitive to the racist vibes. ;-)
--I like the Hyatt one, but I honestly expected it to be a tourism ad for China. We are staying in a Hyatt over Thanksgiving, so I'll let you know how many people bow to me and if I say thank you to anyone.

The new one I love is a Huggies (or Pampers) one we saw yesterday. Dad is changing the diaper, and he removes the diaper from his baby boy, and the baby starts spraying like a fire hose. It's hilarious. The end line is something to the effect that Huggies/Pampers stops leaks. It's great.

NoSurfGirl said...

OK... looking for the huggies one.

Maybe I should take chocolate man down and just put a link to it? I'll do that.

Janell said...

It's the dialogue of the Hyatt one you like?

There's a place out there that's different. A place whose people understand that the word, "welcome," is more than a greeting, that the things you can't count count for everything, that life is in the details, so when you come to this place and find that the details of your life are treated as all that matters you'll understand the difference between the difference between a hotel and a Hyatt, and you will say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." And the people there will smile and humbly reply, "You're more than welcome."

All I found was that I couldn't figure out where one sentence began and the next ended without either having a huge run-on sentence or a sentence starting with a conjunction.

NoSurfGirl said...

thanks Janell!

OK, am I the only one who finds that commercial ridiculous? If I am, that's OK. I guess I'm just a little wierd. :)