May 18, 2009

A Motley Vision

A new favorite site. I have a small, tenuous spark of hope that I might be able to get brave enough to comment. They have offered for me to author an article on electronic media... podcast novels and blogfiction. I'm hoping that, at the same time, they'll allow me to put in a plug for the podcast novel I am currently working on.

(Yes! A podcast novel! And it will be free... and fun, I hope. And possibly the first free, LDS fiction in the form of podcast. Aren't I oddly ambitious?)

ANyway, I've written the entire thing, and proofread it, and now am recording it in episodes. After all my episodes are recorded, I will begin releasing them serially on a weekly basis. I'm totally excited... I love this story, and love being a part of the Utah and Mormon writing communities, and I hope that my novel will take off so that many others will enjoy the story, too.


Th. said...


I'm glad you got brave enough.

merrilykaroly said...

oooooh! I can't wait!

Nathan and Rebecca Scott said...

That is exciting. I look forward to hearing it.

Lucy Stern said...

Good luck with your story and thanks for correcting me on my post.... I should have checked it out better before posting..

Putz said...

blog fiction....that is what i am all 427 blogs have been 1...nonsense, 2...screwy stff....4...politics...5...history of me[ A LOT BLOG FICTION] 6...americana...or my travels...look at my stuff when you sart your writing love the putz

Fred said...

Pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the podcasts.

Happy Memorial Day!