Nov 11, 2009

A Great Big Gargantuan Picture Post....

Halloween. The kids are all kinda squished together but you can see Loli was Cinderella, Bella was Princess Aurora (hard to pronounce with an Amharic accent!), Jaws was Tinkerbell and May was Snow White. They've gone a little princess crazy since... May can now tell you the entire plot of Snow White... in English.

We've had a MOUSE problem lately. Something about this winter... lots of mouse trouble in the old farmhouses in our area. So Skywalker rigged some humane live traps. This is us letting 3 mice go. We've caught 9 so far. Ewww. But better than spiders... still I hope we're DONE. For more info on the traps go to

School art projects

Me with a beer belly.

Class Time! Letter and number games.

Loli wanted short hair. Really, really wanted it. I winced, I almost cried... but maybe she knows what's what. She does look pretty dang good with short hair.

Sniff. 8 inches.

Yarn braids, after 4 weeks in. Fuzzy roots!

Bella with crazy hair after getting her yarn braids out.

May has decorated her doll with her leftover yarn braids.

May's standard ham-for-the-camera face. She knows how to work it...

Bella's not sure she likes having free hair. I tried it for the first time, and I actually was able to define her curls and keep them looking good for a whole day! Amazing. Bella said, "Mom, make it go DOWN."
I'm sorry kiddo...

Bella: Ok, Mom, I'll smile. Just because you want me to. (she doesn't know how jealous I am of those beautiful curls!)

Jaws' hair is getting longer!

Can't leave Squirt out.

Just Cuz.


Margaret said...

They are beautiful! :)

the nice one said...

your babies are so cute! i'm sure your unborn child doesn't like being called "beer" though. lol

NoSurfGirl said...

Lol. Probably not. Too bad for her! You know, when you think about it, "heineken" would kind of be a pretty name.

Jayne said...

All I can say is that your children are beautiful, and you are AMAZING!!!

Putz said...

i like squirts hair styling the best of all, and you are certainly motherly letting go 3 live mouses, and milkshake belly looks ok, so glad you are almost by yourself multipling and replentishing the the putz

Lucy Stern said...

They are all so beautiful.... You need some cats to help solve your mouse

Linda said...

Those kids are sure lucky to have you for a mom! Wish I could meet your latest additions. We need another reunion soon! By the time we have one your baby girl will be here too.