Nov 5, 2009

Time for some more political Humor

Facebook is making me politically cranky these days. Everyone is stirred up right now. Face to face, I talk about politics to those I know like to talk about politics with-- people who listen and respond and who I can have a real coversation with. Facebook,though, is something where you get this crazy mosaic amalgam of everyone's thoughts, article postings, society joinings and whatall. And so every day I open my account for a couple minutes to read through what my friends have been doing lately. And I have been finding that people post a lot of email forwards, most of which are Snopes-debunked, and articles from their favorite "pry my weapon from my cold dead hands" or "illuminati bombed the twin towers" society. Yeah. I'd say something like 98% of my facebook friends don't like Obama, and 80% of them Really Hate Obama. Like, to the point where they think he's going to Bring Down the Principles of Free Society and Rip our Beloved Constitution in Two because he's an Evil Socialist Fascist Terrorist Foreign-Born America-Hating son of a gun whose name sounds like the names of two prominent evil people in recent history so we're going to capitalize on that as much as possible.

To this I have a response. A very good response:

Two things.

1) Lol. Seriously, ROFLOL. No... ROFLMBO and ROFLSHUC (that's my own! It means roll on the floor laugh so hard U cry. Do you like it?) Actually it was pretty dang funny. But I liked this guy better during the campaign... he did a better Obama then.

2)Shouldn't the right be calming down a little bit right now?

I mean, as fake Obama said, if anyone should be upset, it should be the Left, right? Right?



Anyway, this fence is comfortable, as always. But the neighborhood's kind of getting noisy. I might need to buy myself some earplugs...


NoSurfGirl said...

BTW, dave... I hope you know i'm not talking about conversations Skywalker and I have with you, or about any of the email forwards you send us. And I wouldn't consider you a part of the "left" or "right" either. :) In fact, a lot of people aren't. And a lot who are, are more thoughtful and less fearful in expressing their opinion. Just... hype. It seems to be increasing exponentially lately.

David L said...

It's about time you posted this! ;-)

And yeah, I knew that I wasn't included in that group. I love having the conversations with you and Skywalker because we all have different backgrounds with a wide common ground in the middle.

And to answer the "shouldn't the right be calming down" thing... I'm not sure that anyone will get either side to calm down. It seems the right moves farther right and the left moves farther left. I talked briefly about that frustration in one of my latest posts (

Sigh... As long as you and your friends can catch the 'dozer, I think all will turn out well in the end.

Putz said...

read my latest {hidden] CONSERVATIVE AND THEN LIBERAL Stance after my alien piece...i hid it so tony wouldn't find it

merrilykaroly said...

I also really enjoyed watching that video. And agree that he doesn't sound as much like Obama as he used to. I was actually surprised SNL did this skit...

I have also been getting really annoyed lately with the way people are acting. I will read a news story-- say... about how Obama talked about his daughter's grades on a test in one of his speeches. Or... about how Michelle Obama took her daughters to a Hannah Montana concert.

First of all, why is that even in the news?? Who cares? And second of all, reading the comments just embarrasses me. People take every tiny thing and blow it up to be huge. Seriously. Who cares?? Why do people have to get so offended and angry about things that don't matter and criticize the opposing party for every stupid little thing? (I actually thought that when Obama talked about his daughter's grades, it fit in nicely with his point. For some strange reason I wasn't appalled or even offended.)

People just need to chill. For real. Or at least get upset about things that actually matter. Or at least express themselves in an intelligent, thoughtful way.